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The mission of Earth’s Natural Force is to reach and teach our youth, at a very young age, about their responsibility to care for and protect the environment. Our goal is to heighten the consciousness of young people to take care of their neighborhoods, schools and communities. 


We will accomplish the above objectives, by encouraging our youth to stop littering, recycle trash and give them a clear understanding of how their positive actions can maintain and even improve their communities. We will also teach them how these good practices can positively affect their health and that of their fellow “Earth-Mates”. It is clear that our youth are the next line of defense against negative environmental changes, therefore, it is our goal to teach young people between the ages of 5-12, step-by-step approaches to maintaining clean neighborhoods, promoting clean air and water, and sharing the principles of collective participation with their schoolmates, friends and family. 

We want our young people to understand, they can be a force for good and they have the power to save the planet by being responsible citizens of the Earth. They are “Earth’s Natural Force!" Earth's Natural Force is dedicated to ensuring our youth are given every opportunity to thrive in their neighborhoods and communities; develop good habits that will help them maintain healthy bodies and minds and show them how their actions – or lack thereof – can positively or negatively affect their environment and those who share it with them.


We believe it is everyone's responsibility to educate, protect and prepare our children for the future. Earth's Natural Force is uncompromisingly committed to youth advocacy. Our mission is to be a positive influence on our most precious resource............our youth.


For many, to achieve their full potential there must be a paradigm shift away from unhealthy and unsafe choices that present barriers to achieving the healthy minds and bodies which are needed to succeed. Earth's Natural Force has relentless focus on providing products, knowledge, and services to enrich the minds and bodies of this and future generations. 

At Earth's Natural Force, our purpose and mission is uncompromising and we want to be measured by how we perform in executing them.

Thank you for supporting Earth's Natural Force, at our "Celebration of Community Oneness!!" It is our goal to teach our children to treat others with Respect, to appreciate the value of Education and to Care for our planet.


The ENF Rangers believe that healthy, wholesome music can help positively impact the attitudes of our youth to rid our communities of unwanted trash and litter; advance the principles of recycling and waste management, improve the overall “family” view of what a healthy lifestyle is and promote the concept of “sustainability” within the family, neighborhood, and community structure.  We are determined to demonstrate that the gift of music is intended to enrich and enhance the cognitive and deductive skills of our developing youth, not to destroy them. 

A Message From Our Chairman, Allen Burriss

Created in 2009, Earth’s Natural Force ENF Rangers is a performing arts troupe that uses entertainment to promote environmental awareness among today’s youth. Founded by DC Businessman Allen Burriss, ENF Kids’ Jam is unique in its mission because its leadership and talent come from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Their efforts to promote environmental awareness go beyond the music.  ENF Kids' Jam uses their time constructively to make a positive impact on children and families who listen to their message.


"We are excited to be involved with Earth Week and perform during the Earth Day Network’s opening event,” said Allen Burriss, CEO of Earth's Natural Force.  “The Earth Day events will bring together our youth,  our families and community leaders in support of this critical global movement."

Earth's Natural Force has been reaching and teaching youth, ages 5-12, about their responsibility to care for and protect the environment. Environment pertains to three (3) components: physical, social and community. As warriors for health, Earth's Natural Force is championing the cause for healthier choices along life's journey.


At Earth's Natural Force we believe it is everyone's responsibility to prepare our youth to fulfill their dreams and live successful, productive lives. ENF Rangers are young “Protectors of the Earth” who volunteer by enrolling in community based activities,  designed to help keep our neighborhoods clean.

Thank you for supporting Earth's Natural Force, as we teach our children to treat themselves and others with respect, 

to appreciate the value of education, and to care for our beloved Earth.


Together, We Can Make A Difference

We have had the privilege of performing on both large and small stages, usin entertainment to educate

Our CD promotes morals, respect for self, and the importance of caring for our Earth  

Pictures tell a thousand words, and our photo gallery shows the engagement of the ENF Rangers

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